Short Stories

It is 7.45am in the Olympic city Innsbruck, the sun has just risen. The city is still asleep while the first voluntary helpers of WWMG 2020 arrive at Olympiaworld. Around 700 volunteers from 50 different nations are supporting WWMG 2020. Thousands of stories, innumerable skills – one common goal: contributing to the success of WWMG 2020. You can spot the diligent helpers from afar. They are wearing uniforms that are provided by the organising committee. A dark blue hoodie with a modern print guarantees young and old a comfortable fit. In addition to that, volunteers wear a mustard yellow hard shell jacket and a blue insulating jacket. The combination of both protects them from wind and cold. On top of that, the flashy hat kept in the colours of Masters Games does not only keep ears warm but also attracts attention. No matter how homogeneous the clothing is, the reasons for being a volunteer are as individual as the people themselves.

28-year-old Shardul Shah fom India has worked as a volunteer in his home country for four times so far. He has already helped at the mountainbike event Crankworx last year. He loves the mountains, sports and enjoys connecting with people. He happily took on the 24-hour journey to come to WWMG and is looking forward to spending the next two weeks in Innsbruck. He is enthusiastic about the colour combination of his volunteer clothing.

75-year-old Austrian Klaus Praxmarer is volunteering for the 31st time and is therefore indispensable to Innsbruck’s volunteer scene.

“When you do it once, you cannot get away from it. You connect with so many people and every event is different”, he says with a mischievous smile. He likes the clothing and gave his daughter and grandchild some keepsakes with a heavy heart. Klaus praises the quality of the clothing and stresses that he also likes to wear them after the events. An event’s logo reminds him more of great times he had and does not bother him at all.

A retired journalist from Innsbruck enjoys using her foreign language skills as a volunteer at large events. She most values the cooperation with people from various cultures and generations. The spark in her eyes underlines her passion for this fulfilling work. Her favourite piece of clothing is the blue hat with the flashy bobble.



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