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Kitzbühel gives sportsmen representing all over the globe a new spirit – a spirit of hope

Today media volunteers were exited to visit Ski Jumping and Curling in Kitzbühel. Kitzbühel is situated almost a hundred kilometers away from the capital city of Tyrol – Innsbruck – and just as beautiful. This year, thousands of people visit Tyrol not only to see the beautiful cities and the breathtaking scenery, but also to become an active part of the 2020 Winter World Masters Games 2020. This winter Kitzbühel became a host for athletes representing deferent countries participating in these interesting activities. Kitzbühel hosts the Curling competitions which take place at the Sportpark Kitzbühel. The Ski Jumping competitions take place in Kitzbühel and in Seefeld.

Russian Alexander Korotchenko has been practicing Ski Jumping for more than 20 years and lives in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the very far east of Russia. He has travelled more than 2 days and 12,000km to participate and succeed here in Austria. IMG 8181

IMG 8079

The president of IMC Tom Kardaal pointed out that Tyrol is a great place to make friends during the Winter World Masters Games2020. Especially Ski Jumping is known as a sport in which athletes of different countries, generations and also supporters unite as one big family, our ‘spirit together’!

The youngest participant today, the Austrian Martin Knapp, is 30 years old and the most senior participating athlete, the Norwegian Kare Holmen, is 80 years old and was already ski jumping before Martin was born.

IMG 8232

IMG 8249


Many people decided to watch the Curling tournament this evening right after Ski Jumping.

IMG 8277

“I support the curling teams because I really like curling. I have been playing curling myself for 5 years and always enjoy when athletes from many different nations come together and especially when they visit my home country Austria”, says volunteer Verena Pfluger.

Alina Androsova, coach from Russia, IMG 8312mentioned the importance of the 2020 Winter World Masters Games in promoting curling. She thinks that strong teams will show a high quality competition this evening.

Furthermore, curling has become popular, not just in Europe, but also in Africa as proven by the representatives of Nigeria.IMG 8298

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