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Like daughter, like mother

In 2012, a young Dutch girl – Sanneke de Neeling – participated in the Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck and was highly successful in speed skating. She took home the gold in the mass start, 3.000 meters and silver on 1.500 meters. Now, 8 years later she is competing at the world level, and her mother competes in the Winter World Masters Games here in Innsbruck!

Marianne de Neeling-Lans is starting in the W60 category of speed skating, and already achieved the Silver medal in the 500 meters competition and the bronze medal on 1.500 meters. Marianne is the proud mother of Sanneke de Neeling, the golden girl of speed skating at the YOG 2012 in Innsbruck. Therefore, Marianne is proudly wearing the colourful jacket and beanie of the YOG 2012 every day in Innsbruck. Marianne just spoke to her daughter Sanneke, who was really positively surprised that her mother will also bring home several medals from Innsbruck.

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Marianne de Neeling-Lans

Marianne loves the scenery and the competition conditions in Innsbruck and is overwhelmed by the efforts contributed by hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers and others, to enable “just a few” athletes to compete. “It is wonderful that so many people come out to this beautiful area and support us to execute our hobby. That is so amazing; it was the same in 2012 as it is today.” It is a coincidence that the YOG 2020 in Lausanne takes place simultaneously with the Winter World Masters Games in Innsbruck. The mention of this brings up even more beautiful memories of the YOG 2012.

Normally, a daughter follows her mother’s example, but in this case, Marianne took up speed skating after her daughter started doing it, as she was looking for something to do while Sanneke was having her training sessions as a talented youth speed skater. It is likely not much less training, in winter and summer, than Sanneke is putting into it, to keep up with the real world-top, each in their respective age categories. Sanneke has given the example to bring medals from Innsbruck and the mother follows it. We are wondering what next challenge Sanneke and her mother will take on…

pic 4 received from marianne de neeling

Sanneke de Neeling

Photos © Marianne de Neeling-Lans

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