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Ski Jumping: what a wonderful day in Seefeld

The World Winter Masters Games 2020 activities continued on Thursday in Seefeld. Hundreds of athletes and their supporters travelled here to participate in the Ski Jumping competition and admire the nature.

Most remarkable was that the athletes from Norway, Russia and Finland had the largest numbers of supporters who travelled to Tyrol this January.

Media volunteers were excited to visit the Ski Jumping competitions in Seefeld. The Olympic region of Seefeld is situated approximately 20km away from the capital city of Tyrol – Innsbruck – and is just as beautiful. This year, thousands of people will visit Tyrol not only to see the beautiful area and the breathtaking scenery, but also to become an active part of the games. Over the past ten years, Seefeld has cemented its role as a central part of the Nordic Combined World Cup and hosted the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2019. The Ski Jumping competitions of the WWMG 2020 also took place in Seefeld and Kitzbühel.


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Anton Zapf, a German athlete, conductor, composer and organist also pointed out that Tyrol is a great place to make friends during WWMG2020. Especially Ski Jumping as it is known as a sport in which athletes from different countries, generations and also supporters unite as one big family. 

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German Federal police officer Deborah Schmidt is the youngest athlete competing today at 31 years old. The most senior participating athlete, Hannu Rosenlund from Finland is 72 years old and was already ski jumping before Deborah was born.

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“We support Norwegian Ski Jumping athletes because we really like this discipline. Our husbands has been practicing Ski Jumping for many years. We always enjoy when athletes from many different nations come together. We love Seefeld. Great people live here.  Nature and hills are incredible. This week we have had a great time and a lot of fun”, say supporters from Norway Amanda Marie Bjerke and Inger Kristine Liodden.

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Joe Berens, an American Jumper from Minneapolis and coach for Saint Paul Ski Club, mentioned the importance of the games in promoting Ski Jumping and friendship. He thinks that athletes show a high quality of competition because of excellent facilities.

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A Finish supporter Eeva Vanhala heralded the great support of the organization, the volunteers and the locals. She is positively impressed by the beautiful views.

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Crowds of dedicated fans from different countries gathered to watch the event and encourage competitors to win.

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Russian Alexander Korotchenko has been practicing Ski Jumping for more than 20 years and lives in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the very far east of Russia. He has travelled more than 2 days and 12,000km to participate and succeed here in Austria.

Some Ambassadors of the Winter World Masters Games are former athletes. They promote the ideas of friendship and the development of healthy lifestyle among people of different nationalities, generations and interests. Some also participate in their chosen disciplines as athletes.  Andreas Goldberger, World champion, is an Austrian former ski jumper and competed today in Seefeld.


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This morning several of the sportsmen expressed their wish to come back to Innsbruck and explore more of what Austria has to offer. Soon the spectators will enjoy the official Closing Ceremony in the Masters Village which is located in the downtown of the city and share the spirit of the World Winter Masters Games 2020 with friends and colleagues.


As always, the official programme and results of each competition can be found on our website.

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