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Environmentally Sustainable Games!

Innsbruck, Austria - 16.01.2020 - The Winter World Masters Games (WWMG) 2020 have attracted 16 delegates from six countries on three continents to Innsbruck in a quest to learn from the organising committee and benefit from its expertise through a peer-to-peer transfer of knowledge. Cooperation with Austrian universities has also enabled the team behind the WWMG 2020 to create Games which are environmentally sustainable and leave behind a positive long-term legacy.

Masters Games with a positive long-term legacy
Transfer of knowledge is a tried-and-tested technique which enables organising committees of major sporting events to learn from each other. The WWMG 2020, which is being organised by innsbruck-tirol sports, have attracted strong interest from delegations around the world. Six of them – from Finland, Spain, Italy, China and Korea and the USA – spent several days in Innsbruck from 13 until 15 January 2020 as part of an international observation programme. They included representatives from future European and World Masters Games as well as from other sport events networks such as the Olympic Cities network and the International Association of Event Hosts. “We want to give all those participating in the international observation programme as much information and input as possible. Over the years we have been lucky enough to welcome many major international events, which have given us the chance to accumulate a lot of knowledge and experience as a host city. We are pleased to be able to share this expertise with others. Our volunteer team tirol and our new app have made it possible to gather some really useful information to pass on to our guests,” explains Georg Spazier, CEO of innsbruck-tirol sports. Each event is unique – not only concerning planning and organisation but also when it comes to other factors such as the weather. Moreover, location and tourism are two more factors which are constantly changing. “Future event organisers want to know first and foremost which things they observe with us can be put into practice at their own events,” says Dr Martin Schnitzer, a researcher who was involved in many transfer of knowledge programmes between 2005 and 2008 before moving into the world of academia.

WWMG 2020 studies in cooperation with universities
Researchers from the University of Innsbruck and the University of Salzburg will be using data from the WWMG 2020 to carry out studies on the sustainability of sports events. Through accumulating structured knowledge, they hope to learn more about the target audiences for such events and to generate know-how that can be used in the future. Four separate studies are being carried out on the WWMG 2020 looking at the profile of the competitors, the level of satisfaction among athletes, various tourism-related issues, and connections between injuries and sporting careers. Moreover, an additional study will examine the impact of the WWMG 2020 on the local economy. In line with the “Think Green!” motto promoted by the WWMG 2020, participants will be asked whether and how much they would be willing to pay in order to offset the carbon footprint generated by the Games. “Examining an event from many different perspectives makes it possible to generate a holistic overall analysis. Knowledge generated by such studies can also be passed on and used by others. However, it is only once a region has hosted several such events that it can develop a reputation and profile as an event destination,” explains Dr Martin Schnitzer from the University of Innsbruck. The studies will also include students, who will analyse the results as part of their dissertations.

pic 01 c innsbruck tirol sports GmbHDelegations from more than three different continents were guests of the WWMG 2020

pic 02 c shootandstyle

Observer programme visiting the venue in Seefeld.

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