Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-Country Skiing


There are two basic techniques in cross-country skiing: the classic technique, in which athletes move their skis parallel to each other along machine-groomed tracks in the snow and the free technique, where skiers propel themselves forwards pushing off with the edges of their skis. At the Winter World Masters Games in Innsbruck there will be three events (Short, Middle and Long) for both techniques. Each athlete can choose to participate in up to three events. Furthermore there will also be a relay race where four athletes, who must exceed a combined minimum age, can form a team.


  • Short C+F
  • Middle C+F
  • Long C+F
  • Relay

Age limit
The minimum age is 30 years. Athletes must be at least 30 years of age by December 31, 2019 (age group 1989 and older).


What's on?



Date: 12.01.2020 / 11:00 /  Venue: Seefeld

Cross-Country Skiing: Long Classic 30 KM



Date: 13.01.2020 / 11:00 /  Venue: Seefeld

Cross-Country Skiing: Short Classic 7,5 KM



Date: 14.01.2020 / 13:30 /  Venue: Seefeld

Cross-Country Skiing: Short Freestyle 7,5 KM



Date: 15.01.2020 / 08:30 /  Venue: Seefeld

Cross-Country Skiing: Middle Classic 15 KM



Date: 16.01.2020 / 13:00 /  Venue: Seefeld

Cross-Country Skiing: Middle Freestyle 15 KM



Date: 17.01.2020 / 14:00 /  Venue: Seefeld

Cross-Country Skiing: Relay



Date: 18.01.2020 / 09:30 /  Venue: Seefeld

Cross-Country Skiing: Long Freestyle 30 KM

Subject to change

Complete programme

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Sport information

All important rules and regulations for the Cross-Country Skiing competitions can be found in our announcement. Please notice that the English version is available from page 6. Please check the version and date on it to make sure you have the latest announcement.


Athletes Info Sheet
All important information for your participation in the Cross-Country Skiing competitions can be found in the athletes info sheet.


You can download the preliminary list of participants here.
Information: The registration for the relay race will happen in the race office in Seefeld, this is why this info is not part of the current list. Please contact the race office in Seefeld (open from Saturday January 11, 3pm) if there any mistakes in the list.


Daily Swix/Toko Ski-Wax Tips from 12.01.2020 – 19.01.2020



Course Maps
The course maps for the Cross-Country Skiing competitions can be found in the following PDF file.


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